BBC Plans War of the Roses Drama

Historama* fans will be delighted to hear that the Beeb are planning a new series set during the War of the Roses, which saw the prestigious Houses of York and Lancaster battling each other for the English throne.

After achieving success with The Tudors in recent years – a show co-produced with Showtime – bosses at the BBC are keen to jump back into the 16th century, although reports suggest that the new series will be seen almost exclusively through the eyes of powerful women who “shaped their men and who shaped history in the process”. An interesting twist in an environment which would have been dominated by men.

Said women will include; queens, mothers, lovers and “witches” and the drama reminds viewers that at the time women could still be burned at the stake for sorcery. War of the Roses will be adapted from Philippa Gregory’s best-selling series of books ‘The Cousin’s War’ and is part of a renewed focus on BBC1 drama. BBC supremo Ben Stephenson said that it would be a “big, fat, old soap opera”.

*Our word for historical drama. Please don’t lose your shit in the comments section like THIS woman did a couple of years back..