BBC Repeats Are On The Rise

Suffering from Deja View?
More than half of the shows broadcast on BBC channels are repeats according to figures which emerged this morning.

There is no doubt that shows like Only Fools and Horses, The Good Life and Dad’s Army are television classics of the highest order. But after watching the chandelier crash down for the umpteenth time in “thatâ€? episode of OFAH, the novelty does begin to wear slightly thin.

Cuts are evidently hitting BBC bosses where it hurts and channels are resorting to repeating an awful lot of old “classicsâ€?.

It appears that if you blinked while watching digital channel BBC3, you may have missed their fresh content. The number of recycled programmes peaked at 84% in 2011, a total of 3, 144 shows repeated!

Beeb 2 repeats were also reported to be on the increase in 2011, from 30% six years ago to 50% last year. The repeat rate over on BBC4 was also a rather shocking 79%.

So what do we think? Are we pleased that the BBC is bringing everyone’s favourite golden oldies back? Or should our license fee be spent on more box-fresh programming?