BBC Snaps Up Borgen Series 2 and Norwegian Drama ‘Lilyhammer’

With the popular Danish political drama Borgen reaching a captivating climax this weekend, fans will be delighted to hear that the Beeb have signed up the second series. Birgitte Nyborg, that hot journalist and their friends will be returning next winter – most probably early 2013.

BBC Four have also snapped up the rights for Lilyhammer, a Norwegian drama starring Steve Van Zandt (of Sopranos fame). The drama-comedy is a fish-out-of-water tale in which a gangster is relocated to Scandinavia after shopping a crime boss to the feds. His character apparently fell in love with the quiet town after the Winter Olympics of 1994.

“Lilyhammer mixes sharp wit and American big city ways with the beauty of the Norwegian mountains and folksy nature of a small town – a perfect combination for a razor-sharp drama about cultural mores,” said Richard Klein, controller of BBC4.

It was the most popular drama premiere in Norwegian history when it debuted in Norway last month.

BBC’s head of programme acquisitions, Sue Deeks, said: “Lilyhammer is fresh, funny and offbeat – it makes a highly original addition to BBC4’s rich Scandinavian drama slate.”

The channel will also be showing Swedish/Danish drama The Bridge this year.