BBC To Air Question Time Riots Special & C4 Plan Live Debate

We at OTB can honestly say that we haven’t watched as much news as this since that weekend when we lost the remote control. With rioters battling police up and down the land, broadcasters have been battling to bring the public coverage of their thuggish behaviour.

Following the disturbances in London, Birmingham, Liverpool and many other cities in recent days, the BBC have scheduled a live episode of Question Time for Thursday at the usual time of 10.35pm, with a panel of public figures discussing the recent events across the country. Then on Friday, BBC3 will be bringing viewers a Young Voters Question Time Special, in which youngsters will put their questions to an as of yet unconfirmed panel of experts.

Determined not to miss out, Channel 4 have also cleared an hour-long space in their Saturday night schedules for a live debate to discuss the riots.

“These riots represent a national crisis,” said Dorothy Byrne, head of news and current affairs for C4. “Confidence in the police to protect public safety has been undermined and many have felt that those in authority have been slow to respond.

“The sight of young people wrecking their neighbourhoods without hindrance has provoked outrage. These events raise some of the most important issues a democracy can face.”