BBC2 Commission ‘Wolf Hall’ Drama

Hilary Mantell’s prize-winning historical novel Wolf Hall will be turned into a BBC2 drama.

The book – which is being adapted by critically acclaimed screenwriter Peter Straughan, who wrote the film version of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy – tells the story of Henry VIII’s top advisor, Sir Thomas Cromwell (seen here wearing a very fetching hat).

No word what kind of drama we’ll be getting but the books come in a six-part series which charts his rise and fall in the Tudor court.

BBC2 boss Janice Hadlow made the announcement at the Edinburgh Festival and explained that she felt “very fortunate to have the rights for such a great contemporary novel.”

The novel won the prestigious literary prize in 2009. Presumably Ray Winstone can expect a casting call to play Henry VIII some time in the near future.