The BBC’s Brutal Daytime Bloodbath Continues…

Say goodbye to Lorne Spicer

The BBC has announced radical new plans to shake up its daytime schedule and several long-running daytime stalwarts now face the chop.

But how is any self-respecting skiver supposed to enjoy a day off without To Buy Or Not Buy or…*gulp*… Cash In The Attic?

Liam Keelan is the daytime controller behind this brutal daytime bloodbath, a man who has pledged that there will be no more than two programmes of any genre shown each day.

The plans come as part of the Delivering Quality First initiative – primarily aimed at saving money – but also hellbent on ridding the BBC of back to back collectibles shows.

Speaking earlier this year, Keelan said that BBC Two daytime shows will largely be replaced by news and factual repeats: “With the future focus on one channel, the aim is to retain as much variety within the day as possible, so it’s important we mix it up where we can.

“That means no more than two quizzes a day, or two consumer shows, antiques or collectables, and property.”

In fact, Cash in The Attic has already had a rather dusty sheet thrown over it. The show will come off air in 2013, to be replaced with some kind of factual programming.

“The parts of the schedule that have been freed up by that – the 11am slot, for example – have had more factual and consumer-related programmingâ€?, Keelan said. “Which you can’t keep the same all year round.”

Keelan is now on the hunt for some more “distinctiveâ€? programming which will comply with the BBC Trust’s other initiative about making more “distinctiveâ€? programmes.

The good news? Doctor’s is safe…FOR NOW.

In memorium…

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