BBC’s Filthy Cities Airing In Smell-O-Vision

The BBC is about to take our nostrils back in time with scratch’n’sniff cards that recreate the whiff of medieval London and revoloutionary Paris, to accompany new documentary Filthy Cities.

The show, presented by Dan Snow, will begin on BBC2 on Tuesday evening, when you can experience first-hand (or nose) the world’s most glamourous cities, back when they weren’t so glamorous.

Writing in the Sun, Dan said: “Ever since our childhood, a waft of a smell can bring back memories and emotions. To be able to trigger that at home through a television show is very exciting.”

Among the smells of sewage, ‘Pong de Paris’ and an 18th Century Tannery, there’s also the, rather nice, whiff of Marie Antoinette’s perfume. Pick up a scratch-n-sniff card from your local library from today to smell-along with the show.

Forget 3D, it’s all about watching smell-o-vision these days!