Becoming Human Comes To BBC3

Being Human has swept all before it BBC3 over the last few months and now the show’s legion of fans will get the chance to see the internet spin-off show Becoming Human on mainstream TV for their first time.

The series of bitsize shorts have been available online (or on the red button) following the main show week by week, but due to the fact that most British people’s computers are clogged with porn viruses, the Beeb are giving the show a 50 minute send-off on Sunday 20th March following Being Human‘s series finale.

The show centres around three teenagers struggling to deal with their various supernatural afflictions and encourages viewers to interact with the programme via internet clues and videos.

“We were delighted when Becoming Human found such a loyal and enthusiastic audience online,” gushed show creator Toby Whitehouse.

“The reaction was beyond our most optimistic dreams. And so for the BBC to give us this opportunity to share the show with a wider audience is fantastic news.”