Being Human Series 4: First Images

The trouble with cult shows that make it big is that their stars are often thieved faster than an unlocked car on Merseyside. A couple of weeks ago we saw Misfits lose not one, but two cast members, and we’ve known that Russell Tovey was calling time on his Being Human career since last year. The Him & Her star can still be seen in this first image from the upcoming fourth series, but we’re told his role will be fleeting to say the least.

With Aidan Turner already departed for Middle-Earth, the only remaining character is the ghostly Annie, played by Lenora Crichlow. Fans will be hoping that, as with Misfits, the new additions can keep up with the pace. This Is England’s Michael Socha (brother of Misfits Lauren) had a role in the last series as werewolf Tom and will be making that regular and newcomer Damien Molony will be playing Hal, a posh vampire.

“I’m actually playing an English vampire!” said the Irish actor last year. “Very, very posh. Very upper class. A stiff upper-lipped Brit, which is a bit of a push for me accent, but it makes it a lot more fun.”

Other new characters include Griffin (Alex Griffin), Regus (Mark Williams) and Cutler (Andrew Gower).