Ben Affleck To Helm Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’?

Warner Bros and Vertigo Entertainment have chosen a resurgent Ben Affleck to direct the on-screen adaptation of Stephen King’s epic The Stand.

Despite rumors in August that Harry Potter director David Yates was linked to the project, Deadline reports that Affleck is the studio’s new number one choice.

King’s saga follows a motley gang of survivors after a military-made virus kills off 99% of the world’s population. It has previously been on television as an ABC miniseries in 1994 but despite his best efforts, King was unable to adapt his novel for the silver screen.

Warner Bros. seems confident in the film, though no deadline has been set. If the story ever does make it on screen, it would likely be adapted into multiple films.

After his acting career hit the skids post-Pearl Harbour, Affleck has had great success behind the camera, with both of his directorial outings (Gone Baby Gone and The Town) garnering critical praise. He is currently working on the politically-charged rescue drama Argo and if a deal ever does take place for The Stand and its possible sequels, Affleck will be poised to become one of Hollywood’s most in demand directors, despite his short CV.

Given the difficulties surrounding this story’s adaptation in the past nothing is set in stone, but with Affleck’s name now attached expect more news surrounding The Stand soon.