Ben Affleck Gets Political With Nathan Decker

Rumours are abound that Ben Affleck will be taking on the role of a double-crossing politician in Nathan Decker.

Unlike many of his recent projects – which have involved him directing, starring, writing the theme tune, singing the theme tune etc – this project with Warner Bros. is purely a thespian affair.

The film will follow the life of the aforementioned lawmaker, Decker, a politician caught up in an affair that sees his carefully orchestrated life suddenly in tatters. Lying low like a wounded creature beneath a pile of leaf litter for some time, he eventually returns to his hometown to “confront his demons”.

Warners picked up the script – written by Crazy, Stupid, Love’s Dan Fogelman – last year for $2 million. Originally, Tom Cruise had showed interest in taking on the role, but after he defaulted for a part in Oblivion – Affleck has been granted the honour of taking Cruise’s sloppy seconds.

Affleck’s latest directorial outing, Argo, is due for release on October 12. He is also involved in Stephen King adaptation The Stand. Whether the Pearl Harbour…star…will squeeze in Nathan Decker between calling the respective shots remains to be seen.