Best new dating apps in the UK

online dating apps
Young adult woman swiping on an online dating app. She's using her smart phone on the sofa at home.

Online dating in the United Kingdom has come a long way since the first website was launched during the mid-1990s.

Advancements in technology have completely transformed the dating scene, with mobile apps undoubtedly one of the most exciting developments over the past few years.

Their popularity was highlighted by a recent study from Betway online casino, with Tinder found to be highest-rated dating app in the iOS app store in 86 percent of the 165 countries researched.

Given how popular they have become, it is little wonder that developers have been working hard to create new dating apps. Here are a few of our favourites.


If you find it difficult to determine whether someone is a potential match from their written bio and profile picture, Curtn will be right up your street.

The iOS-only app cleverly utilises video technology, allowing users to upload a brief video clip for their profile to give people a clearer sense of their personality.

Curtn is free-to-use,  and you can start a video chat or carry on the conversation via text once you have found a suitable match.

Although limited to iOS users at the moment, there are plans to roll out Curtn on Android over the next few months.


Initially launched to singles in London and New York, Thursday has put a novel twist on dating apps – it is only available one day per week.

The app minimises administration and requires users to be proactive, with all matches and conversations disappearing at midnight.

While all of this might seem a little too spontaneous for some singles, it has been designed to focus people’s minds on the job at hand.

All Thursday members are verified using a passport or driving license, and are banned from using the app if they are reported just once making it a safer place to find love.


Many single parents find it difficult to jump on the dating bandwagon, but the Playdate app provides an innovative solution.

The app is the first in the UK aimed at single parents and attempts to match you with members who are in the same situation.

Playdate suggests child-friendly restaurants, cafes and bars to meet, helping to smooth those all-important first few dates.

The app has also partnered with babysitting service Bubble to provide users with instant childcare solutions – it iss the perfect way for single parents to find a new partner.


Recently launched by Londoner Sanjay Panchal, Elate has been created to take the frustration out of using dating apps.

It limits chats to three at a time, provides private feedback and issues anti-ghosting notifications to let you know if someone moves on.

Ghosting is the biggest complaint amongst dating app users, but Elate removes that fear by encouraging a more mindful way of searching for love.

Elate also shows potential matches’ bios first rather than their photo, to discourage people from falling into the trap of judging a book by its cover.