BGT Acts Feel ‘Used’ After Being Axed Off Camera

After playing fast and loose with the word ‘talent’ again this summer, ITV’s open door policy has come back to haunt them this week and they have been forced to ditch acts who thought they had won a place in the live Britain’s Got Talent semi-finals.

Hot Potato Theatre (left) were just one act furious to be told that they had been ditched before they even had a chance to perform again and they accused ITV of deceiving viewers by showing footage of them going through.

“We were delighted and spent ages working on another routine,” Hot Potato member Lizzie Delves told The Sun. “Then we got a call saying, ‘Thanks but no thanks’. It was frustrating. But they showed us getting put though last Saturday, so viewers will think they’ll see us again. It’s unfair. We feel used.”

Apparently Holden & Co. had given the greenlight to far too many acts at the January auditons and with just 40 places available in the live semi-finals, some were given a call to tell them that their place had been withdrawn.

Chris Rooney told of how he bought new outfits and practised a new routine after his ten-year-old daughter’s Freeman Dance troupe got a enthusiastic yes during their audition, only for ITV to ditch them at the last minute.

“They said they put too many decent acts through and, sorry, could we not bother coming to London. Incredibly, they still thought it was OK to show the audition just a week later on TV and make viewers think they’d see them again.”

A spokeswoman for ITV said: “Following the auditions the judges have a deliberation process, which is seen on screen, where they select the 40 acts to go through to the semi-finals.”

“This process has been followed every year. All contestants are informed that they may not make it through to this stage and that footage from their audition may still be used.”