BGT Bosses Want Less Diversity..

Equal rights groups were put on alert this morning after hearing that Britain’s Got Talent execs had called for less Diversity in this year’s competition. However another race scandal was avoided when ITV explained that they were actually looking to cut down on Diversity-style urban dance groups and hadn’t turned into a bunch of cross-burning bastards. Apparently the public are ‘bored’ of the body-popping dance troupes..

“There haven’t been so many dance troupes as Diversity set the bar so high before,” said Ant or Dec. “There were a lot of Glee-inspired acts, groups singing and dancing, but not all of them were that great.”

The Geordie pair confirmed that the usual collection of talented singing urchins, performing animals, and gymnasts would make up much of this year’s competition, but also added that their were some acts that viewers have never have seen on the show before.

“Simon Cowell will be surprised at some acts that were put through when he returns,” said the cheeky duo before suggesting that the new panel of judges have made some interesting decisions.

“The new line-up has allowed some acts a look in that would never have got a chance before. It’s fresh. David has been a great judge from day one – and has all that experience from America’s Got Talent.”