“BGT Favourite Jonathan To Be Bigger Than SuBo” ..Cowell Gets Excited

Pudsey may be the most popular dog in the country right now, but as this evening’s Britain’s Got Talent final approaches, Simon Cowell has decided who his favourite to win this year’s title is.

Well we say that, but in reality we doubt he’s bothered because he’ll sign Jonathan Antoine and (begrudgingly) his singing partner Charlotte Jaconelli whatever the result tonight and privately, he hopes the couple can be bigger in the US than BGT’s most successful alumni, Susan Boyle.

“This time last year Simon was faced with the not-particularly exciting prospect of having to sell Jai McDowall records. He was in a funk. But this year his excitement levels are off the scale,” a friend of Cowell told The Sun.

“He’s watched as Jonathan and Charlotte have taken the country by storm. He knows that opera is a big seller, especially if people like the person singing it.â€?

Cowell will reportedly offer the pair a £1 million record deal with his music company SyCo next week. Meanwhile, Sony boss Rob Stringer is flying in from America to watch 17 year-old Jonathan and his 16 year-old partner perform tonight with a view to signing them up to Columbia Records.

The deal will mean that Cowell sells the pair’s records in the UK while getting a large slice of the American sales and with studio time booked for the week after next, an album could be on the way before Christmas. Crucially, sources explained that all deals were for both Jonathan and Charlotte.

Meanwhile bookies have admitted that it would be “one of the biggest shocks in TV talent show history” if the pair didn’t win and a vast amount of cash has been staked on Antoine and Jaconelli. Yet despite his confidence, Cowell seems to be wary of publicly comparing them to Subo.

“I think they’ve got a big, big chance of selling records all over the world,” he admitted. “They’re amazing singers. I’m particularly impressed with how Charlotte has improved. I’m not sure anything will ever be as big as Susan but I certainly believe an American audience will like them both.â€?

He also claimed that second favourite Pudsey could “become a worldwide star — maybe our biggest star yet.â€?

So who’s this Jai McDowall bloke then?

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