BGT Slumps To Lowest Ratings Since 2007

Anyone who watched this weekend’s Britain’s Got Talent will probably be well aware that the nation’s ‘talent’ reservoir is running rather dry, but there was more bad news for ITV execs this morning when ratings figures revealed that audience figures have plunged.

Saturday night’s show was watched by an average of 8.99 million viewers – the lowest number the audition stage of the programme has attracted since 2007.

The figures would have set alarm bells ringing at ITV HQ, but they were already set off some months back by the television car-crash that is Daybreak. Channel bosses fear that falling audiences are down to the loss of Simon Cowell – which does not bode well for this autumn’s X Factor.

“BGT has become one of Britain’s most bankable shows for the last four years,â€? a source told the Daily Mirror. “Seeing the figures drop for a second week will raise serious concerns. A huge amount is riding on the new judging line-up without Simon Cowell.”

ITV are hopeful that Cowell’s return for the live performances could trigger a revival in a few weeks time and that excellent weather was a leading factor in this Saturday’s poor showing. However it could have simply been down to the rubbish acts..