Big Brother Confirmed For Channel 5

Channel 5 have at last signed a £200m deal with Endemol to bring Big Brother back from the dead, after a measly 9 months off air.

Big Brother has proven harder to get rid of than a fart in an airplane, and lo and behold it’s set to return to our screens this summer. Channel 5 will begin milking their pricey cash cow as soon as August, with a celebrity version of the show immediately preceeding the long summer stint, and another celebrity BB as soon after that as January. There’s no info at the moment about whether there’ll be the accompanying shows we’ve come to love and loathe, Big Brother’s Little Brother, Big Brother’s Big Mouth, Big Brother From Another Mother (made one of those up), but Channel 5 has called Big Brother a “key” show, so expect the works.

This could mean that Big Brother airs on Channel 5 every day from August 2011 to January 2012, which for a show axed due to overexposure and falling viewer figures on Channel 4, might be a little strenuous.

Even though the BB format became tired and somewhat old-fashioned in the wake of mega successful reality shows like X Factor , Channel 5 have promised it will be “more controversial” then ever before. Cheryl Cole’s been mooted to front the revamped show, although a spokesperson for the starlet said she had ‘no interest’ in presenting BB, and Digital Spy reports that Myleene Klass and Emma Willis have also been approached.

So, are we excited or bored by the prospect of yet more Big Brother? And, dare we imagine a “more controversial” version of the show which saw multiple occasions of racist bullying, a woman claiming to have concieved in the jacuzzi and, in 2005, a woman getting down to it with a wine bottle?