Big Brother Contestant Gets Bored And Leaves Show

Big Brother contestant, Mark Henderson, has left the show after becoming bored of life in the house.

Like the TV viewers who have been switching off in their droves, the 28 year-old became fed up with Big Brother and offered some vague excuses before sloping off to do something more interesting.

“It’s nothing to do with anyone in here but I still feel a bit trapped and I still think that I want to go,” yawned Henderson. “I thought about it and I just feel like I’ve been here and I’ve done it and that’s it, I’m ready to go.”

“It’s not about the people, it’s about the cameras,â€? he added wisely.

To see the next housemate leaving the house by the front door, because of viewer votes, tune in to Channel 5 tomorrow night.

But don’t expect it to be a talking point at work the next day as audience figures continue to plummet, dipping below one million for a second time last weekend.