Big Brother Day 35 – Mario Blasts Lisa’s Behaviour

lisa.jpgMario told Lisa her behaviour was “sickening” last night.

He told his girlfriend off for the second time in two days for spending too much time in the kitchen.

He also accused her of “playing a game”.

He said “Well if you want to be a maid all your life!”

Lisa told Mario she didn’t feel that was the case because she enjoyed cooking and cleaning.

Mario responded “Do you not understand, I struggle about your concept of the game. Someone else should be doing it, do you not see that? You amaze me…

“They are just laughing in your face and you can’t see it. They are just walking all over you.”

Mario – who faces eviction this week alongside Rebecca –  went on to say her behaviour was annoying to the point of being “sickening”.

But Lisa continued to defend her actions, saying she is 40-years-old and naturally a mother figure.

She added “I can’t help take that role. It is not to try to increase popularity in the house.”

Mario later whispered he was not in the house to win, unlike her.