Big Brother Day 86 – Mo Didn’t Want Sara to Win Money

mohamed.jpgMohamed said he did not want Sara to win £25,000.

The toy demonstrator – who has been labelled as “greedy Mo” by his fellow housemates – said he would have preferred the money to have gone to him.

On Wednesday, Lisa and Sara shared a £50,000 prize after the group had nominated them for eviction in a public voting session.

He told Big Brother: “I didn’t want Sara to win the money. I could have done with that £25,000.”

The 24-year-old went on to say he was “gutted” he did not have the opportunity to be nominated – because he is immune as head of house – and that the sexy Aussie was the last person he thought deserved the cash.

Meanwhile, Lisa and Sara discussed tonight’s eviction.

Lisa said: “Just don’t worry about it. Go with the flow. There’s nothing you can do. You’re up, you’re up. If you go, you go.”

Sara praised Lisa for keeping a level head.

She added: “You talk a lot of sense.”