Big Brother Day 91 – Rex Amazed to be in Final

rex.jpgRex is “amazed” he has made it to the ‘Big Brother’ final.

The bossy chef – who has irritated many of his fellow housemates by continually boasting about his wealthy lifestyle – admitted he was shocked he had made it to the final after Kathreya and Mohamed were evicted last night.

After claiming he felt “humble”, Rex added: “I’m still amazed. It’s absolutely amazing that people have picked up the phone and voted for us. They spend their own money. I feel so amazed.

“It makes me feel like everything I’ve done here has been worthwhile.”

Darnell also admitted he was excited the public liked him, but added he felt bad he was only happy now he his friends Mohamed and Kat had left.

Later, Darnell told Rex he couldn’t believe they were in the final because they were both “f***heads”.

Rex was in total agreement, adding it proved the public preferred housemates who “don’t smell of roses”.

The pair then began to wonder if they would be the last two left in the house, but agreed they were just happy to make it to the final.

Darnell said: “People must like me. I don’t even need no money, dude.”