Big Brother Not Finished Yet..

Today is Remembrance Day and that is very important. It is also the final of Big Brother.

There are just four fame-seeking, fortune hungry wannabes left battling it out in the BB House and one of them is about to be crowned.

After nine weeks of nobody really giving a doodah about the latest Channel 5 run of the former reality show giant, it will all come to an end with one contestant winning half of the £100,000 prize fund with the remainder split between the finalists.

Half the prize fund!? Could this show be any more pointless?

Alex Rose Lee, from South Shields, Louise Cliffe, from Manchester, Jay McKray, from Newcastle and Aaron Allard-Morgan, from Weston-Super-Mare, are all in the running.

Tom O’Connell, from Solihull, was voted off the show on Thursday night.

Ratings have at times dipped down to half their levels the series could have expected on Channel 4.
And the latest run of the show saw some Saturday night editions dip below one million, a new low for the series. And a new low for humankind.