Big Brother Ratings Drop As Fans Call For Live Feed Return

Big Brother audience figures have fallen over the weekend as fans of the reality show continue to urge Channel 5 bosses to reverse their decision to replace 24-hour live feeds in favour of social media applications.

The launch event on Friday night attracted 2.63 million viewers (which was a sharp decline on the levels recorded for the celebrity version of previous weeks) yet that audience share has fallen over the weekend with 1.4 million people tuning in on Saturday and Sunday respectively.

The news will be of concern to FIVE bosses, especially if they glance at message-boards across the internet. Hardcore fans of the ex-C4 show are almost exclusively exasperated by the absence of 24-hour live feeds. “If you have BB without live feeds you may as well not have it at all, total waste of time.” said OTB reader Sid.

“I have decided not to watch BB due to no live feed, what’s the point?!” added Dee. Others have criticised producers for changing the age-range of the show and turning it into “just another TOWIE”.

“This is big brother you are not live on channel 5′S live feed so please do swear..” added Robert Parmar, before going on to suggest that without the live feed, viewers will not be able to build up a proper picture of who they should be voting for. Many others have also raised the point that the footage is at the mercy of editors who may then go on to paint those whom bosses want to keep in the show in a more positive light.

Speaking last month, Channel 5 controller Jeff Ford said that viewers needed to ‘move on’ and explained that they could have provided a feed but decided not to.

“We could have done it if we wanted to. Channel 4 did do live streaming, but then they did less and less and less, then it became subscription so it hasn’t completely changed radically,” he said the Edinburgh Festival.

“There was a time when people sleeping or something major happening was the most interesting thing and you had to watch Big Brother’s live feed, but then we all moved on.”

Viewers have responded to these comments by calling him ‘arrogant’ while one commented online: “Oh dear, he doesn’t get it, does he? Being able to watch the housemates on live feed means people can get to know what the housemates are really like and decide for themselves who they want to win.â€?