Big Brother Winner Slams Lack of ‘Housemate After-Care’ and Calls Show ‘Hollow’

Last year’s Big Brother winner Aaron Allard-Morgan (??) has spoken out about a perceived lack of after care for contestants and described the show as “a very hollow experience. You come out of it, life’s not the sameâ€?. Presumably life as a K-List celebrity has become too much for him..

Doubtless, Channel 5 bods are not going to be impressed with how what was clearly an appearance to promote the new series of Big Brother turned out, which started last night.

Whilst last year’s winner was quick to say he appreciated the experience, especially his win, Aaron advised this year’s contestants, to look after themselves after they leave the house. “I genuinely fear for them. I don’t think they realise what they’re letting themselves in for, I don’t think they’re prepared well enough, certainly in my experience they give you very little preparation for what’s likely to happen. They must know, they’ve been doing it for years.â€?

“I know from my year, with the 15 of us, I know 4 of them have tried committing suicide since the show – just because of the ramifications and the impact it has on your life, because you’re not prepared and you don’t have the after-care, that perhaps you should be getting.â€?

This further criticism of Big Brother is the latest in the line of bad-press regarding the mental health of contestants.

In 2009, Sree Darsari was admitted to hospital after cutting his wrists, after watching the episode where he was evicted from the house and former contestant Nikki Graham had spent a significant amount of time during her adolescence under psychiatric care, whilst she struggled with Anorexia Nervosa.

Fellow contestant of Graham, and winner of Big Brother 7, Pete Barnes suffered from Tourette’s Syndrome, and his appearance was criticised, with some saying that he was put on the show as to get cheap laughs from his condition.

You can watch Aaron’s appearance, on The Wright Stuff here. What was said in Wright’s ear before the photo of the house was pulled up is anyone’s guess..

Aaron reveals 4 housemates from his year tried… by BigBrotherXtr