Bill Clinton Turns Down Role In 30 Rock

Tina Fey had been hoping to get former US President and renowned love machine Bill Clinton to appear in the 100th episode of NBC comedy 30 Rock.

Clinton’s personal advisor Doug Bang – and why wouldn’t he be called Doug Bang – received a letter from Fey, according to the New York Post, asking if the Clintonator would discuss a cameo role on her hit US show. Alas, her hopes were dashed when Bang refused, without putting it to Clinton.

A representative for Clinton said: “”The request was made and immediately denied without asking him.”

The likes of Jon Bon Jovi, Norah Jones and even Clinton’s political BFF Al Gore have appeared in past episodes. We can only assume that Doug Bang doesn’t watch TV, perhaps preferring to spend his time shootin’ bullets into the air, and putting the willies up his local sheriff.