Bill J Murray To Play Franklin D Roosevelt?

Bill-Murray300Bill Murray is a difficult man to pin down (just ask the team trying to get Ghostbusters III up and running) but apparently Roger Michel has managed to not only get him on the phone, but interest him in his latest project Hyde Park on the Hudson.

Murray would be playing the famous American President Franklin D Roosevelt in an adaptation of the BBC Radio play. As such we know that the plot will follow the odd love affair between FDR and distant cousin Margaret Stuckley while chronicling the events that occur when the Roosevelt was visited at his upstate New York cottage residence on the eve of World War II in the summer of 1939.

The couple who are stopping by are King George VI and his wife (who cinema-goers will remember from The King’s Speech). There is no word on who else may be joining the cast, but Michel has suggested that filming will begin in July.

Vulture explains that Film4 have been developing the project for a couple of years and even dumped Colin Firth’s Oscar-winning portrayal to concentrate on this film. Hindsight and all that..