Bill Nighy Aboard For Total Recall Reboot

bill210Bill Nighy is in negotiations to join the cast of the forthcoming Total Recall reboot as resistance leader Quatto. We’re assuming he’s going to be an actual person rather than a demented mutant baby growing out of someone’s stomach.

The plot this time will see Colin Farrell as a factory worker who starts to have visions that he might be a spy called Hauser working for one of the two nation states of EuroAmerica and New Shanghai, although he’s not sure which side.

It will also feature Kate Beckinsale as his wife and Jessica Biel as a woman who helps him find the resistance. Bryan “Malcolm In The Middle” Cranston will be stepping up as villain Cohaagen. Ethan Hawke is also reportedly on board in a cameo role.

Len Cranston’s version starts shooting in Toronto in June.