Bill Paxton To Direct Kung Fu The Movie?

It’s an idea that’s been batted around for quite sometime and with Hollywood always desperate for new intellectual property to wring some cash out of, it’s no great surprise to learn that a big screen version of classic 70s series Kung Fu is in the works. What is surprising is the director: none other than Bill Paxton.

You all remember Bill right? He’s been quiet on the movie front of late with nothing big since…er…Spy Kids 3 in 2003. He’s been more prolific on the small screen starring alongside Chloë Sevigny and Jeanne Tripplehorn in HBO’s Big Love but you’ll probably remember him from Aliens (where he played Hudson), Titanic (where he played Brock Lovett) and Apollo 13 (where he played NASA astronaut Fred Haise).

David Carradine memorably brought the character of Kwai Chang Caine to life – a shaolin monk on a journey across America who usually managed to get into trouble that had some tenuous connection to his past, which usually involved Master Po spouting some ancient wisdom.

There was a made for TV movie in 1976 starring Brandon Lee (son of Bruce), and numerous a revival in 1996 which ran for four years (also starring Carradine).

Legendary Pictures are behind the production with Black Swan co-writer John McLaughlin working on the script. There’s no word yet on who will play Caine but you can bet it’ll probably be someone who actually fits the racial profile this time. Cuh, it’s political correctness gone mad I tell you.

In the mean time, enjoy this video Grasshopper: