BINTM 2012 To Be More Like ‘Big Brother’?

Elle MacPherson has told Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model producers that she doesn’t want “boring girls” this year and rather than pulling poses, auditionees are being asked a string of personality based questions.

“The audition led me to believe it was going to be more of a reality TV programme than it has been in the past,” one girl who auditioned in London this week told OTB. “They didn’t ask us to do any kind of modelling at all, just asked us questions like ‘which family member do you love the most’.”

BINTM has a strong following on Sky Living but it seems like producers are trying to boost ratings by sparking some in-house rivalries in 2012. “It felt more like a Big Brother audition!” said our insider.

Yet this isn’t the first time that Elle MacPherson has tried to alter the format, indeed in the run-up to this year’s launch she banned bikini auditions, explaining that she thought it was unfair to put them through that in a first audition.

“I am really interested in the personalities of the girls and that is often projected in the way they dress,” she said back in May.

So what do you think? Does BINTM need a face-lift or is it fine the way it is?