Blues Brothers The TV Series?

Many fans of the cult 1980 movie Blues Brothers are unaware that the film started life as a part of Saturday Night Live’s prodigious television output before earning acclaim on the big screen, but today we are hearing that Jake and Elwood could be in line for a return to your TV schedules in the near future.

The film which starred Dan Ackroyd and John Belushi has been popular for the last three decades and although Belushi died two years after its release, Ackroyd has refused to rule out a return to the material. Most agree that his first return (the dire Blues Brothers 2000) didn’t do the original justice, but there are hopes that a TV series could work well with the legions of fans that still exist on both sides of the Atlantic.

According to ContactMusic, Ackroyd is pitching material for a TV series to American TV stations with the help of John Belushi’s ex-wife Judy, who co-owns the rights, according to trade paper Daily Variety.

“I think these are great American characters,” she told the site. “We want to keep them alive. We chose to introduce them as new characters but do it in a way that they have some history, have some life behind them.”

So what do you think of this news? Does this potential return illustrate a lack of ideas from TV execs or is it about time to bring the band back together..