Boris Johnson Slags Off EastEnders Bosses

Boris Johnson has slammed BBC bosses for their backing down on a proposal to move the Eastenders set to…the east end.

The soap’s studios were due to move from Hertfordshire to the Olympic media centre after the 2012 games.

But despite crisis talks held between culture secretary Jeremy Hunt and BBC bigwig Mark Thompson, it has been decided that the £330 million move will not go ahead.

Boris, who is a fan of the show and made a cameo appearance in 2009, fumed: “This was an opportunity for the BBC to deliver better value for money for hard-pressed licence-fee payers and confront critics who say it’s bureaucratic, wasteful and out of touch.â€?

“There was the chance for the BBC to show genuine commitment to the East End – an area it has harvested for audiences for decades. I’m astonished that the boss class don’t see the obvious advantages of rooting a popular drama in an area it claims to portray.â€?

Will Mark Thompson back down?

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