Warner Bros. On A Mission To Snare Brad Pitt

brad-pitt210In the wake of Osama Bin Laden’s death at the hands of a special forces Navy SEAL team, Hollywood is scrambling to make politically charged mission movies. Such a one is the imaginatively titled The Mission which Warner Bros. is assembling and they’re hoping to pin down both David O. Russell and Brad Pitt.

The story concerns the six-year mission planned by American and Colombian operatives to free 15 hostages deep in the Colombian jungle. The hostages include three Americans and Ingrid Betancourt, once a candidate for President of Colombia. Conditions for the prisoners was not good as they were frequently moved around the jungle and chained to trees at night by their necks.

But the main thrust of the film will be Operation Jaque, a covert mission involving many governments, spies and intelligence services as well as high-tech surveillance and soldiers.

While Pitt is Warner Bros. first choice, there’s no guarantee that he’ll end up involved as he’s got a raft of offers floating around and he’s already at work on World War Z. David O. Russell meanwhile is also a busy bee with The Silver Linings Playbook coming up along with Disney’s Maleficent.