Brad Pitt NOT In Sherlock Holmes

While we provide you with gossip and rumours all the time, now it’s time to quash one.

It has been recently reported that Brad Pitt will be starring in Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes. Well, he won’t be. Studio reps have claimed that Ritchie is currently arranging and filming additional shots and perfecting some visual effects, but that’s it.

The rumour mill was grinding out stories that when executives saw the first cut of the movie they weren’t happy that legendary Holmes villain, Professor Moriarty, was missing from the story. Ritchie asked Brad to fill the role and they were reportedly filming in London.

They’re not. Apparently. We’re hedging our bets with this one because we know Brad isn’t above sneaking over to London to film some secret scenes and then lying about it. We know the game. While the official line is that Brad is NOT in the new Holmes movie, we still have our suspicions.

Sherlock Holmes will be released in the UK on 26th December.

Brad may not be in this movie but he is in Inglorious Basterds, check out our exclusive clip!