Brad Pitt To Quit Acting In Three Years

While out promoting his new movie Moneyball in Australia, Pitt announced that he sees himself quitting acting when he turns 50.

He told an Australian chat show “I’m really enjoying the producorial side…and getting stories to the plate that may have had a harder time otherwise.”

He also cited the many rugrats he shares with Angelina Jolie as a possible reason for retiring, “their idea is that when they go out beyond the gate… there’s people standing there in line with cameras that try to take your picture… It’s the only thing that I get hot about, that I’m ready to fight about.”

With the success of his Plan B Entertainment production company, we might see Pitt step behind the scenes in the coming years but it’s hard to imagine him giving up acting cold-turkey.

His new movie Moneyball in which he plays revolutionary baseball general manager Billy Beane, opens later this month.