Bradley Cooper Leaves The Crow

Bradley Cooper is the latest star to take flight from the forthcoming remake of 1994 cult classic The Crow.

He’s been attached to the production since April but it seems that a clash with David O Russell’s The Silver Linings Playbook and Alex Proyas’ Paradise Lost has forced him to drop out. Either that or, you know, he’s realised that it’s a terrible idea. Funnily enough, it was Alex Proyas who directed the original.

Right, so with Cooper gone, thoughts are turning to replacements. Two stars in the running are Channing “Punchy” Tatum and Mark Wahlberg. Two choices which make absolutely no sense at all.

Tatum’s busy with G.I. 2: Retaliation for the moment but that should be done by the time director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo wants to shoot.

Wahlberg meanwhile was offered the role of Eric Draven last year but turned it down. Will he reconsider?

The production’s had its fair share of problems already not least of which is that it’s a bloody terrible idea and should be left well alone. Aside from that small fact it’s had a change of directors (Steven Norrington was supposed to sit in – he’s been replaced by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo), a change of writer (it currently rests with Watchmen writer Alex Tse passing to him from Nick Cave) and an assortment of attached stars including the aforementioned Cooper, R-Patz, Wahlberg and Tatum. The Weinsteins even unsuccessfully tried to sue Relativity Media for the distribution rights.

Come on guys, it’s not going to work. Give it up already.