Bradley Cooper To Play Lucifer?

Cooper300We always knew that diamond smile was too good to be true. Bradley Cooper looks set to throw off his mortal shell and reveal his true demonic self in an adaptation of John Milton’s epic poem, Paradise Lost.

It’ll be directed by Alex Proyas, who previously directed The Crow (another link to Cooper who is currently in talks to star in a remake) and will focus on the war between archangels Michael and Lucifer following the latter’s temptation of Adam and Eve and their subsequent expulsion from the Garden Of Eden.

The script’s been bounced around several writers including Stuart Hazeldine, Lawrence Kasdan and Ryan Condal, which is unsurprising considering that Milton’s poem in over 10,000 lines long.

Seems like the latest in a trend of biblically-themed movies of late – I wonder if Paul Bettany’s been offered it yet…