Breaking Dawn Bites Deeply At The Box Office

The penultimate Twilight outing has achieved astronomical box office success in its first weekend, despite being panned by the critics.

Dedicated troops of Twihards and jittering gaggles of R-Pattz fanatics brought in $139 million worldwide since the film’s release on Friday.

There may be life in the vampire/werewolf/human love triangle yet, but this latest release comes second in the Twi-saga stakes. New Moon, debuted to a slightly better $142 million on the same November weekend two years ago.

But some pretty gruesome birth scenes, accidental comic scripting and dull vampire sex will surely do nothing to dissuade yet more fans who will soon be descending on an auditorium near you.

Early reports from Summit suggest that Breaking Dawn attracted a crowd that was, unsurprisingly, 80 percent female. But what in more surprising news, the 12 rated movie’s audience wasn’t as young as you’d think, with 60 percent over the age of 21. According to CinemaScore, 30 percent of the film’s audience was under 18, but an even larger 42 percent was between the ages of 18 and 34. The popular conception is that The Twilight Saga is merely a teenage phenomenon, but these figures seem to prove otherwise.

With Pattinson aged a tender 25, perhaps the next film could feature a pack of cougars instead of your standard werewolves…