BREAKING: Girl Sleeps In Bed To Celebrate DVD Release

To celebrate the release of Sleeping Beauty on DVD, a young woman is taking 12 hours “out of her stressful student lifestyle” to sleep in a massive bed in Waterloo Station.

Sarah Jan Hurst, a final year Archeology & History of Arts student at Manchester University, will be paid a grand for her troubles after entering a competition to take part in the stunt.

To be honest, we are slightly concerned about the welfare of the young lady, given the heinous nature of some of the acts committed against Emily Browning in the film by Julia Leigh…

We can only hope that PR company, Revolver Entertainment, will not go too far in their reconstruction of the film which is released on DVD next Monday.

In possibly one of the most awkward introductions to a PR stunt EVER, we invite you to watch Sarah as she clambers into bed at Waterloo and prepares for one of the toughest days of her student life.