Brett Ratner Gets 39 Clues

ratner210Before you ask, no, “Don’t make any more Rush Hour films” is not one of them.

Originally a film that Steven Spielberg was mulling over before passing on it to direct War Horse and Lincoln, 39 Clues will be an adaptation of the adventure book series which combines reading with online gaming and card collecting. It’s the story of siblings Ann and Daniel Cahill who must thwart the other members of their family from getting their hands on the clues which will make them “the most powerful and influential person(s) on the planet”

Jeff Nathason has written the script and he’s worked with Ratner before on the Rush Hour films and the forthcoming Tower Heist.

It’s currently a story told over 11 books, so whether Ratner’s going to attempt a mass condensation or simply film the first few novels is unclear. There’s also no word on when production will actually get started – it was originally down for a 2008 release and Ratner will be busy with Tower Heist and has also the fourth instalment of the Beverly Hills Cop series in his sights (sigh).