Brit Hits A Bum Note In First X Factor Outing

Fighting tooth and nail: Britney

After being paid a sum which could seriously help out those poverty-stricken Greeks (15million big ones), Britney Spears may not be turning out as such a great X Factor USA investment after all.

Just a few hours into her first day on the X-beat, the pop princess was visibly struggling with critics pointing out her shoddy appearance and diva-ish demands.

Appearing at a press announcement in New York (see vid below), Brit’s unflattering minidress was said to be “stained with lipstick”. It seems her nerves had also got the better of her, with bloody fingernails and unkempt cuticles betraying an anxious habit.

Perhaps her awkward previous appearances on the talent search show – which featured lacklustre banter and below par styling – have unnerved the Oops I Did It Again singer?

But boss Cowell is confident that his investment will reap the 20 million viewers he has boasted will flock to this year’s super-series. He has said that he is “not at all” worried about Spears appearing on the panel and has refuted any claim that she will have her gags written for her.

Britney seemed dead excited about her new job, however, saying (or should that be reading) : “I couldn’t be more excited to join the X Factor judging panel. I am a huge fan of the show and now I get to be a part of the action.

“Simon and LA better watch out!”

Criticism has also been aimed at the star for her diva-ish behaviour off-set, with dressing room negotiations reportedly reaching a “point of disgust” and demands to be seated alongside Cowell when the show kicks off later this year.

The X Factor crew have vigorously denied claims that Britney has been anything less than a lady about the whole deal and said that anything to the contrary is “total utter malicious rubbish”.

Poor Britters, who has suffered at the hands of drink and drug abuse scandal over recent years after shooting to fame in her teens, is apprently hoping that the whole SiCo experience will drag her back down to earth.

A source close to Britney said: “Five years ago Britney was like a zombie. She had some really bad influences in her life.

“It has been a slow recovery but she is getting there. She has got the balance back and we hope The X Factor will give her the structure and discipline she needs.â€?

If previous years of the X Factor are anything to go by, we suggest keeping in touch with your doc. babe.

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