Bruce Willis Joins Five Against A Bullet

Bruce Willis is locked in locked into a film which will see him protecting a Mexican politician using testosterone alone.

Written by Alex Litvak, Five Against A Bullet, finds said politician fearing for his life when his father is taken out by a drug cartel. Spurred on by his campaign to clear up the streets, he hires the five best bodyguards from around the world to protect him in the run up to a fraught election.

Forget Kevin Costner, its all about the Bruce the bodyguard now.

Litvak’s pen-pushing talents were last showcased by Three Musketeers, which probably made getting any further work rather a challenge.

“We have been excited about this project since acquiring the rights last year from Mimran Schur and believe Bruce Willis is the perfect actor to lead this cast,” Sony’s Hannah Minghella said in a statement picked up by The Hollywood Reporter.

“We look forward to moving into production quickly.”

Willis will next be seen in The Cold Light Of Day and is also gearing up to shoot A Good Day To Die Hard for Fox.