Bryan Cranston Will Be Total Recall Baddie

Cranston210Colin Farrell is already signed up for the remake of Philip K Dick classic Total Recall (originally titled We Can Remember It For You Wholesale and filmed in 1990 with Arnie in the lead role). Now Bryan Cranston will be the next actor to get his ass to Mars as the villain Cohaagen.

Cohaagen was originally played by Ronnie Cox (that’s Dick Jones from Robocop to you), a megalomaniac threatening to kill the inhabitants of Mars in his quest for power.

In a departure from the original plot, director Len Wiseman’s version concerns two nation states of Euromerica and New Shanghai with Farrell as a factory worker for the latter who begins to believe he’s a spy, although he’s unsure for which side. This version’s Cohaagen will see him as the leader of Euromerica who is secretly preparing for an invasion of New Shaghai under the pretence of protecting his people.

Cranston, most famous for his role as Malcolm’s dad in Malcolm In The Middle but now doing an excellent job with chemistry-teacher-turned-meth-dealer dark comedy Breaking Bad should prove to be more than a capable villain.

It’s shooting in May and due for release in August 2012.