BT Ad Couple Have Baby After Public Vote

What is it with the British public and getting attached to characters in adverts? We’ve been there before with Nescafé Gold Blend and the Oxo family but now we’re rooting for Adam and Jane in the BT broadband ads.

BT recently allowed the public to decide what happens next when one ad ended with Jane needing to tell fiancé Adam something while she rubbed her stomach. Well, it seems that we’re suckers for a happy ending because 1.6 million people voted and 70% of votes were in favour of the couple will in fact have a baby. Awww.

Can you believe we’ve been following divorced mum of two Jane’s romance with Adam for five years with a total of 35 different adverts so far? Maybe we all need to get out a bit more.

According to The Sun, the baby news will shock dad-to-be Adam tomorrow when the latest ad airs.