BT Confirm Next Generation Of Advert Stars

It has been reported that Kris Marshall has been given the boot from those annoyingly saccharine BT ads. After seven years in the ‘role’ of family man Adam, the telecommunications company have said that the character has simply run its course.

In a blatant attempt to mimic the ‘cliffhanger’ style of those old Kenco coffee ads, last year saw viewers vote online to help choose the details of the Adam and his fiancée’s wedding day. Despite some viewer response, it is clear the ‘couple’ have failed to capture the imagination in the same way as Cherie Lunghi and Antony Head once did.

However, it has now been announced that BT are set to continue with youngster Tommy Bastow taking over in the ‘lead role’. In a bid to breathe new life into the campaign, Tommy will still play ‘Joe’, stepson of Adam, seeing him move into a new flat with friends in a new sitcom style set-up. Hands up who still cares…