Buckfast Doc Subject Jailed… For Stealing Buckfast

Denver Stewart, a participant in BBC Scotland’s documentary The Buckfast Code, has been given a three-year prison sentance for stealing bottles of Buckfast.

Stewart made off with bottles of the tonic wine, notorious for its high alcohol and caffeine content, from a co-op in Easter Ross. He had appeared on Scottish TV only weeks earlier admitting he could down two or three bottles of ‘Buckie’ a day, and agreeing that he might commit crime because of it. He wasn’t lying.

Prosecutor Roderick Urquhart told Tain Sheriff Court: “I understand Denver Stewart appeared in the programme, blaming all his woes on Buckfast wine.”

‘Buckie’ as it is affectionately known, is produced in Devon, and patricularly popular amongst Scotland’s youth. It’s been blamed for anti-social behaviour and crime in the country, problems that the documentary highlighted.