Buffy Spin-Off On The Way?

Sadly this is not the news that Sarah Michelle Gellar will be returning to kick vampire butt. But it IS the news that Joss Whedon is still considering a Buffy The Vampire Slayer spin-off which will star Anthony Head.

Rumours about Ripper have been knocking about for a while now but Whedon has had bigger fish to fry of late and he hasn’t spoken of the project for some time. Whedon’s latest Hollywood meta-horror Cabin in The Woods is going down well at the box office and The Avengers, due for release on Friday, is set to be a bleeding titan. Now it seems he is no re-considering his spin-off options.

But when Whedon gets chatting about it, it turns out that this “Buffy spin-offâ€? could actually have nothing to do with Buffy….or any of the characters in Buffy…and it might not even star Anthony Head…

“The thing about Ripper – the essence of itâ€?, explains Whedon to The AV Club, “is that the BBC came to me at one point like, ‘It doesn’t have to be Ripper. It can just be [Anthony Stewart Head], and there’s magic, and he’s Tony, cuz he’s awesome.’â€?

His charm offence towards the 58-year-old Brit continued: “And that’s the thing: For some reason, he keeps getting sexier every year. That’s not happening to me! I’m like, ‘What are you doing?’ And that story was always about a mature guy who’s lived, and about the choices he’s made. So you could make that now, or you could make it 10 years from now.â€?

“I’ve tortured Tony more than any other living human with, ‘We’re definitely gonna do this!’ Because I thought we were. He’s working so much, though, I’d feel too guilty. But that’s the thing with Ripper: It doesn’t go away in my head because he’s still right for it, and he could still bring it.â€?

When and where the series will be taking shape is up for debate, and wit Whedon currently conquering the movie-sphere, a TV show is probably not top of his priority list.

But Buffy buffs, at least he’s considering it.