“But It’s Not All About The Voice?!” Walsh Slams X Factor Rival

The X Factor team (minus Gary Barlow) line up for this week's launch event. Louis Walsh, Tulisa Conkjhsjefoj, Nicole Sherzinger, Xtra Factor presenter Caroline Flack and Dermott
For the first time in its history, X Factor’s ratings were down last year (it still averaged over 12 million viewers over the series – more than any other show) but on the eve of the new series, Louis Walsh has leapt to its defence and slagged off The Voice into the deal.

“It’s not all about the voice on The X Factor. It’s about personality and being able to work with people,” said Walsh, hinting that BBC producers had discounted a big part of the industry with their show, which he has previously called “dull and boring”.

He and other judges also bristled at the suggestion that last year’s X Factor was a bit of a disappointment for ITV bosses. “It was the second biggest X Factor ever last time. It was just the press that gave it a hard time. The public loved it.”

Of course the fact that it was the ‘second biggest’ is largely immaterial if the show is on a downward trajectory. We doubt that Cowell & Co will be pleased if the 2012 series is the third biggest.

Tulisa – who took on a more prominent role at the event in Gary Barlow’s absence – also explained that while ratings may fluctuate, the show is still the best thing on TV.

“Just because of the odd night here and there when you go up one million or down one million, it doesn’t mean there’s a ratings crisis,” she said.

“The show has changed a lot over the years and viewing fluctuates. It was still the biggest show, second to the Royal Wedding last year. I’m not worried at all.”

X Factor starts tomorrow..