Channel 4 Plan ‘Desperate Scousewives’

Another watch had been nicked in Desperate Scousewives..
Another watch had been nicked in Desperate Scousewives..
Sussex and the City? Six Feet Newcastle Under-Lyme? Breaking Bradford? When will the influx of American rip-offs end?

We think the programmes we’ve just dreamt up sound positively sensible when compared to Desperate Scousewives …although we have to admit that if we were wearing a hat, we would be tipping it in the direction of the genius who came up with the idea and managed to get it past the bosses at Channel 4.

Yes folks the broadcaster is planning a new television series based on the hit American show Desperate Housewives (see what they did there?) To make matters even more hilarious, the show will be going up against reality series Mersey Shore, which will begin casting next month according to the Liverpool Echo.

Show insiders have already spoken of how auditions for the series have sparked ‘massive’ interest and that they are confident the programme will produce “a host of new Scouse reality TV stars.”