C4 Set To Return To Hoarders Houses In ‘Home Makeover’ Series

Richard Wallace shot to infame last month in the C4’s documentary Obsessive Compulsive Hoarder and it seems that programme-makers could be returning to his home this year as part of a follow-up series.

After the Cutting Edge film attracted an audience of over 4 million (plus many more on 4OD Catch-Up), the broadcaster has decided to commission a new series Totally Addicted To Junk.

The programme will help middle-class people who have accumulated homes full of bric-a-brac, but most viewers will simply be interested in getting another look at Andy Honey, the lovely bloke who volunteered to help Richard sort out his Westcott home. Some reports described how the rubbish surrounding his bungalow could be seen from space..

Channel 4 has also ordered another Hoarder based series with the working title My New Home, which will see hoarders working with antiques dealer Nick Allen and interior designer Abigail Aherne to turn their clutter into cash.

Collectors of Doctor Who memorabilia, gadgets and dolls are on the cards to star, although Metro readers will know that there are plenty of insane candidates about. (How many times have we seen headlines like ‘My Beer Bottle Collection Has Taken Over My Life’).

Allen will identify valuable items in the hoarders’ collections, as well as offering viewers tips on how to identify valuable items in their own homes, while Aherne will use the money raised from the sale of the items to make over the collectors’ homes to reflect their character and personality.