C4 To Make Behind-The-Scenes Foreign Consulate Documentary

Channel 4 have been granted exclusive access by the British Foreign office to go behind the scenes at some of the busiest embassies across the world and have commissioned a three-part documentary series recording life in the Spanish consulate.

With 13 million English tourists visiting the country every year, the three-part series will doubtlessly be full of incident. Our Man In will follow British consuls in Spain as they help English vacationers out of the messes they find themselves in abroad.

Andrew Jackson, Channel 4’s deputy head of features, told The Guardian that “with never-before-seen access, it’s great to be able to shine a light on this hidden world of our men and women on the consular front line tackling major and minor problems. With millions of Brits holidaying and living in Spain, the series is bound to be funny, moving, inspiring and surprising.â€?

With unprecedented, 24-hour access to hotels, prisons, police cells and hospitals, it seems like Andrew is dead on.